Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mirrors are coming

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Ok, now that the storm has somewhat cooled down, I must say that I'm now way more tired than during the week we started the hype machine, a month ago. I didn't slept for the whole last 24 hours, trying to follow everything and to answer every message in order to avoid an inbox congestion. But that was not enough, I can't follow my own forum messages anymore and I start to get stressed and susceptible because of the lack of sleep :D

Anyway, let's take a break. Our little server is suffering (it's serving more than 6 MB/s at every moment), and still... we're not hosting anything else than this website. In 2 hours, I'll provide at least 25 download links from around the world. There's a lot of big websites, a lot of medium-sized ones and a few local mirrors for country specific needs. There's also two BitTorrent mirrors coming along.

Server Graph

For the moment, we're not going to comment on the success and flaws of the game, because it's still a bit too early for this kind of considerations. I also have to coordinate all of our translators and send them a guide on what they have to do. There's still a lot of work coming though. I'm depressed... :D

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