Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Twenty: Popularity

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

A few people around this blog are reporting that we were broadcasted on Channel 4 and published in a newspaper in Sweden. I know (from a few sources) that there is other things like that around the world, that we don't know about. And honestly, we'd like to. So, if you encounter something like an interview/article/press item somewhere (in real life), we urge you to talk about it here and even provide a link/picture if you can!

It's so strange to know that we're beeing published by a newspaper in Sweden. You know, it's like 1500 km away from our current location. We're somewhat curious about that.

Also, in our forums, jojo asked this:
I guess it's always a bit mixed, but will there be lots of timed puzzles? (like in the testchamber with the two buttons in two rooms) or will it be more like "WTF? How am I gonna solve this..." so when you know the solution you would be able to "run" through the games.
Also, will the rooms be more dangerous for your health (with sludge, plasma balls, plasma beams, being crushed and getting set on fire, etc.) or will it be more like if you fail, you just have to portal your way back up to the point where you fell off the platform?

Here's my answer if you want to know:
To answer your question, it's a mix. There's easy chambers, medium chambers, hard chambers and impossible chambers (they're not really impossible of course, but if you don't look carefully at the room, you may never understand what to do).
Some of them are timed, some are not. Some are really easy to execute, but not to find out and some are really easy to find out, but not to execute. And yes, the death is a bit more present than in Portal and failure is often synonym of dying. But we spread a lot of autosaves everywhere to avoid frustration.

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