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Portal: Prelude - Full Game (1.2.1, 2023) - 820 MB

Everything you need to play the game!
Can you believe that Portal: Prelude 1.0.0 was released in October 2008? Turns out, it's 2023 now, so that was 15 years ago, or 29 if you count the pandemic. Yet, somehow, I've been coaxed into releasing one last version that includes all of the patches and fixes added over these years to keep this mod playable in the face of an ever-changing Steam platform.

I'm deeply grateful to the community and the players that still message me relentlessly after all this time, whether it's to praise the mod, provide ideas or feedback (quite late), ask me whether I'm working on a remaster or whether they should work on a remaster (spoiler alert: no), or less kind messages altogether of course. It is... after all... the Internet.

MacOS Warning: Valve ported their Source Engine to MacOS at some point in the years after the release of the mod. Now I don't have the time, motivation, or knowledge to port the game to MacOS myself, but this zipped version and the instructions on how to make it work might be enough for you.

md5 checksum: 01fb4ead9bc8718fcace26c213e629d8

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