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The official ladder

On this page, you will find the best scores for each challenge of Portal: Prelude without exploiting bugs. If you think you can beat one of those scores, we urge you to record yourself, to upload the video somewhere and to send us the following informations to


  • You must use the 1.1.0 version of the game (or more recent).
  • You must use the challenge version of the chambers (not the ones from single player adventure).
  • You must not exploit bugs of the engine. Some are tolerated (ABH, using objets to jump from a higher spot, blocking doors, stacking objets, etc.) while some others are not (out of bounds, portal bumping, edge glitching, jumping repeatedly on objets to fly, etc.).
  • You must record yourself and upload the complete video (with the score panel) somewhere.
  • In case of draw, the upload date will act as an extra proof (the older, the better).

Submission informations

  • Challenge type (least portals, least steps, least time)
  • Number of the chamber (3-5, 7-19)
  • Score (number of portals, steps, seconds)
  • Nickname of the author (displayed on the website)
  • URL of the proof (the video you recorded to prove your score)
  • URL of the author's website (to advertise a bit)
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