Thursday, October 9, 2008


Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

EDIT: No, I'm not going to delete this entry. I said it, I was angry, but it's not because we're on the Internet that you can just delete things out and act like nothing happened. That was a gross mistake, I admit it. But I'm tired, I'm stressed, I was kept under pressure for a very long time and this was the most important day of my life... I think I deserved the right to make a few mistakes.

That's also my way of thinking, I always try to make everyone happy, and answer to everyone. I now know that I should just ignore this kind of message. Sorry about that, but I don't think I'll delete the article, people will then complain that I used my administator privileges to make everything disappear. I just closed the comments because it was mostly a flamewar and not a debate.

We're all learning from our mistakes.
I apologize for this and hope you can understand how and why we got there.

Here's a subtle message we just received:
Wow, what a train wreck that piece of shit is. Did you test any of this? On anyone besides yourselves? Portal took the time to have something called gameplay. Something your game seriously lacks. You can't just throw together some interesting looking rooms and pretend that's a mod. Portal teaches the player techniques and then shows the player how to combine them and use them to create new techniques. You didn't have to teach the player the same ones, but "crouch in mid air?" Go fuck yourself. Have you ever played a video game before? Gameplay is about a learning process. Here's an idea, next time you want to make a shitty mod go make another overly stylized webpage instead. Seems like you guys put more time into that than the game. Fuck you! - Griff

In fact, that's the first insulting email we received on the 700 messages we read so far. That's the kind of things that make me go mad and stop working on making things right with this mod... I mostly lost nine month of my life, for free, for you, and now I'm getting insulted. That's unbelievable.

You can have your own opinion on what we did, but for Christ sake, stop fucking insulting us! We love critisism, we received a lot during the last two days, and I received a lot too since I'm making content for the Source Engine. Some where really hard, but still, it allows you to go further. But when people say "FUCK YOU", I don't really call it "criticism".

If you'd like to express your opinion to that guy and tell him what is wrong and disrespectful in what he said, feel free to do it here in the comments (I'm not asking anyone to attack this guy, it's just that he won't listen to us).

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