Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Twenty Four: Surprise? Yeah, twice!

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

We know it's not our usual time for posting, but we've got two highly exciting news for you that couldn't wait any longer.

First, I'm pretty sure you all thought there really was a game behind our project? Ahaha, and you know what? Just kidding, you were right =D You were right, but you didn't thought it could came this early, because... well... in fact the game will be available tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow.

Since the beginning, we worked together with John Phillips, Site Director of Planet Half-Life/FilePlanet to organize a surprise pre-launch on October 9th. So, basically, you won't have to wait until the 10th to enjoy the game =) The game will be available exclusively on Planet Half-Life during this day (if our deal is still ok at this time).

Second, the folks at reviewed the game, and oh boy! This is far more positive than we ever though it could be. I, never though it could be this positive. I totally agree with everything they say about the voices, that's really our weak point. The rest is bloody brilliant, I can't say how much I'm happy to read this from such a "veteran website" of the mod universe. Dude, that pretty much made my day.

ModDB's Portal: Prelude Preview:
"Make no mistake, after all the hype this mod is no lie."
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Edit: thank you Spolodaface, I totally forgot we made another inteview with GameOnYou UK, my mistake. I've got so much to take care of lately that I begin to forget the most important things!

Stay awake, the release has never been nearer!

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