Saturday, October 11, 2008

World War Three

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

This is a really weird situation. There's a lot of people who didn't like the game at the point to insult us and there's at least the same amount of people who liked it more than Portal. There must be a problem somewhere, because there is also hardcore gamers saying that the game is impossible, and in the meantime there are casual gamers saying that they had little to no problem to finish it. I believe we have some sort of illogic situation here.

For the moment, the forums are temporarily down because of two reasons:
* First, because there is too many flamewars and insults between people who liked the game and people who don't. We don't have the time to moderate everyone, it's useless and it leads us to the second reason...
* Second, because our server won't take it much longer, that's way too many posts and users for this little board and database to handle. Not than PunBB can't take it, but because the server has limited capacities.
I don't like this idea, but I need to shut it down for a while, we need the processing power of the server to work on the mod. The poor thing had to serve 233,470 pages during the last 36 hours, and this is only for the website, not the forum.

Also, we're currently working on an "official" walkthough of the game, because we found that a lot of "unoffical" ones are using way too difficult and unnatural solutions and doing a lot of unnecessarilly complex things. Not that it can't work, but it gives the impression that one can only beat this mod with tricks and stuff... there is no need for tricks and we'll prove it in this walkthrough.

Also, I'd like to apologize again to everyone I could have offended during the last days. I think I never apologized so much than during these last two days. I have a hard time talking and writing in a foreign language for 90% of the day and at some point, I'm starting to be unable to explain correctly what I mean and it looks like I'm basically saying "go f*ck youself" at every post... that was not my intention of course.

Anyway, the mod has been downloaded a little more than what we initially though... Oh, just a little ten times more than the best result we though we could achieve... even the guys at are keeping us on their front page although the exclusivity ended two days ago. We never made this game to fit a such huge number of gamers and I'd like to personally apologize if we wasted your time. We made a stupid mistake by forgetting to add a disclaimer in the description of the mod, or when people start it. We'll work on an update this week and try to fix the uneven difficulty as good as we can (especially for the first 3 levels)

I'd also like to thank the hundreds of people who sent us very long, detailled, efficient and clear emails with their thoughts on the game. Beeing good or not, as long as it's not insults or just "your game sucks" things, I try to answer to everyone (10 hours writing emails today, my hands hurt).

PS: Please, don't be silly in the comments.

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