Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Portal: Prelude wins third place at FilePlanet's best of 2008

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Looks like I'm repeating myself over again, but after our third place at ModDB's Mod of the Year Awards, Portal: Prelude didn't win the FilePlanet's Best Mod of 2008 Awards either, but made it to the third place (again)! Surprinsigly enough, we managed to beat the most downloaded mods of 2008 (again).

  1. Pirates Vikings and Knights 2 (Half-Life 2)
  2. Insurgency (Half-Life 2)
  3. Portal: Prelude (Portal)
  4. Lost Spires (Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion)
  5. Forgotten Hope 2(Battlefield 2: Modern Combat)
  6. Angels Fall First: Planetstorm(Unreal Tournament 3)
  7. Killing Floor(Unreal Tournament 2004)
  8. Project Reality (Battlefield 2: Modern Combat)

I must say that I'm really happy with this result (again).Thanks (again) to all our fans, to all the people who helped us and tried to help us in any way, and thanks to all the people who sent us feedback via e-mails, comments, discussion boards or our forums.

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