Sunday, November 9, 2008

Radio Silence

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Pfiou... it has been a hell of a month since the release. For the moment, we didn't made a final debriefing yet, because every member of the team (including myself) is taking vacations since the release of the 1.1.0 update. All we can say is that the downloads are still increasing at an incredible speed of 3,000 a day (and that doesn't include all the downloads started from another website than

So far so good, I was not posting anymore because I'm taking a huge break. You know, seeing the family, going out, sleeping, playing, and such. And for god's sake, the early demo of Left 4 Dead stole me a dozen of hours during the last days. This game is so freaking genius. The demo only has 2 levels and still, I played it 15 or 20 times on Advanced and Expert mode without even doing the same thing once. And by the way, playing the infected is even more stressful than playing the survivors, as you're soooo weak, alone.

For the moment, no one is working on the mod. I fixed a few bugs since the 1.1.0, I was supposed to release a hotfix two days after its release but that would have definitely been a bad idea (not enough delay between the two patches). So, I'm delaying everything for the moment. I also stopped replying to emails, that's why I may have missed your email lately. And if you didn't see it, Portal: Prelude is "Moddb's Staff Selection for October 08". Great!

Mod Spotlight - October 08

That's all for the news. Ah, no, there's something else.
Does anyone wonder why Valve never even sent us an email to share their impressions? Why don't they bother answering our questions when we send some? And why on earth do they keep replying "We are not willing to communicate on Portal: Prelude for the moment" to everyone? We're really sad to see that no one there took 5 minutes to write us something. I'd not say we made this entire mod only to get in touch with someone from Valve, because it's not true. But it would have been definitely kick-ass and most mod had this chance.

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