Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skilled players wanted!

Posted by Nicolas (permalink)

Skilled players wanted!
We're looking for skilled players to get an idea on where to place bronze, silver and gold medals for the 15th, 18th and 19th challenges of Portal: Prelude that were not present in the first release. We are nowhere near enough skilled and we really don't have the time to work on it before the release of the patch, so we need to know your best scores, with a video proof if possible.

The best scores will be integrated into the game in the next update, along with your nickname/website, inside the description of the given challenge. Feel free to help us if you already did something good or if you have an hour or so to waste =)

Take a tour in the forums to discuss your scores:

PS: As we already said in the forums regarding the difficulty change in the next update, we did this because in 80% of the email we received, it was (with voices) the only complaint people wanted to do. And we're not blind either, we saw how people reacted and felt about this terrific difficulty from the start. It won't get much easier, just less frustrating (at the beginning).

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